Thanks to everyone who came out to the race. With your support we’ve now raised over $50,000 in bicycle equipment through our partnership with Shimano for the Berkeley High School Mt. Bike Team.

Check out the clip below. The 2019 Berkeley Hills Road Race was featured on KQED.


The 63rd Edition of the Berkeley Hills Road Race and NCNCA District Elite Championships

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Hosted annually by the Berkeley Bicycle Club with generous support from Team Roaring Mouse


The oldest continuously-running bicycle road race in The United States. Founded in 1957 and going strong for over 60 years.

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This year’s winner’s jersey was designed by local racing legend and 2008 winner of the BHRR Nate English.

BHRR winner’s jersey.

BHRR winner’s jersey.

FRONT - BHRR winner’s jersey.

FRONT - BHRR winner’s jersey.

BACK - BHRR winner’s jersey.

BACK - BHRR winner’s jersey.


The Course

The traditional route for the Berkeley Hills Road Race in the professional category is nearly five challenging laps through what is locally referred to as the three-bears Loop. With a mix of rolling terrain and finishing on a series of challenging climbs, the course is dynamic and provides an opportunity for strong climbers as well as tactically savvy racers. To do well, racers have to be both strong and smart racers.

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The Cause

$15.00 from the Berkeley Hills Road Race entry fee goes to the support local cycling and the Berkeley High School Mountain Bike Team. Founded in 1998, the BHSMTB was the first organized high school mountain bike team in the state.

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Past Winners Since 1957


Men Cat P1/2

2019 Luke Lamperti

2018 Roman Kilun

2017 Cameron Bronstein

2016 Aria Kiani

2015 Christopher Harland-Dunaway

2014 Christopher Harland-Dunaway

2013 Daniel Holloway

2012 Keith Hillier

2011 Uriy Urchenka

2010 Philip Mooney

2009 Scott Zwizanski

2008 Nate English

2007 Eric Riggs

2006 Gregory Drake

2005 Glen Mitchell

2004 James Mattis*

2003 Alex Koslov

2002 Eric Wohlberg

2001 Jon Peters

2000 John Kelly

1999 Missing

1998 Dylan Casey

1997 Derby Pattengill

1996 Nicole Freedman

1995 Mike Sayers

1994 D. Bouchard-Hall

1993 Jose Robles

1992 Chad Gerlach

1991 Wayne Morgan

1990 Paul Willerton

1989 Mike Peavey

1988 David Tu

1987 Mark Caldwell

1986 Sean Wilson

1985 Calvin Trampleasure

1984 Matt Smith

1983 Eric Heiden

1982 Keith Vierra

1981 Keith Vierra

1980 Calvin Trampleasure

1979 Jon Boyer

1978 Wayne Stetina

1977 Robert Wilkins

1976 Tom Hardy

1975 Leonard Nitz

1974 David Perry

1973 Keith Mowen

1972 Tim Nicholson

1971 Bill Kund

1970 Dennis Deppe

1969 Doug Bernett

1968 David Mulkey

1967 David Brink

1966 David Brink

1965 Tim Kelly

1964 Rob Parsons

1963 Rob Parsons

1962 Ian Mohon

1961 Ted Kirkbride

1960 Michael Hiltner

1959 Michael Hiltner

1958 Bob Tetzlaff

1957 Bob Best


Women Cat P 1/2

2019 Hanna Muegge

2018 Amy Cameron 

2017 Illi Gardner

2016 Molly Van Houweling

2015 Bethany Allen

2014 Joanna Dahl

2013 Sara Clafferty

2012 Kathleen Lenno

2011 Rebecca Werner

2010 Olivia Dillon

2009 Stacy Marple

2008 Penny Avril

2007 Jane Despas

2006 Penny Avril

2005 Katheryn Curi

2004 Katheryn Curi

2003 Christine Thorburn

2002 Kathleen Leno

2001 Nicole Freedman

2000 Julie Young

1999 Suzy Pryde


Event Photo Archive

BHRR 2019 podium.

BHRR 2019 podium.

2016 BHRR The Peloton

2016 BHRR The Peloton

2017 BHRR Team Roaring Mouse

2017 BHRR Team Roaring Mouse

2004 BHRR A Slow Start

2004 BHRR A Slow Start

2015 BHRR Women P 1/2 Podium.

2015 BHRR Women P 1/2 Podium.